Teaching Physical Sciences by Ocean Inquiry
Date: 01/15/08 - 05/07/08
Location: University of Maine
Attendance: Education and marine science majors

Emmanuel Boss and students, SMS491 Pressure Lab
This semester course is offered by the University of Maine School of Marine Sciences and the College of Education with support from COSEE-OS. Teaching Physical Sciences by Ocean Inquiry provides a unique opportunity for marine science students who are interested in incorporating an educational aspect to their science backgrounds.

This pilot course focuses on physical concepts in marine science. The goals are to:

  • Introduce prospective science educators to physical concepts, using hands-on, inquiry-based teaching approaches and demonstrating how these concepts and principles may be presented in the context of ocean sciences
  • Introduce a variety of inquiry-based teaching strategies and tools to marine science majors who are interested in education.

Homework will be assigned weekly and is expected to reflect an understanding of science concepts and their link to ocean processes, as well as the pedagogy concepts discussed in class and an ability to communicate ideas clearly (both written and oral). Students will be asked to maintain a blog to serve as a self reflection on learning (blogs provide an opportunity to critically evaluate your learning of the material presented in class - a necessary step for a becoming a better teacher - and feedback for teachers). Each student will also be provided an opportunity to practice teaching.

As a final project, each student will design a unit, with at least three lessons, that addresses a topic in marine science and incorporates a variety of teaching strategies taught during the semester. The project will include a written document describing the unit and its lessons and a 15-minute class presentation given at the end of the semester.

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