Waimea Ocean Film Festival
Date: 01/03/13 - 01/11/13
Location: Waimea, Hawaii

For a few years, the Waimea Ocean Film Festival has brought together ocean lovers, activities, speakers and ocean-related documentaries in an artistic and educational celebration. This year, the third annual Waimea Ocean Film Festival is scheduled in Waimea on the Big Island for January 3rd-6th and January 8th-11th.

The festival this year will feature a range of interesting and international films. The award-winning film Chasing Ice presents chilling evidence of global climate change by using time-lapse photography to show the alarming rates of melting in Arctic glaciers. North of the Sun chronicles two young, die-hard surfers spending winter on an isolated island off of Norway, who built shelter and tools out of driftwood, and braved the icy waters to surf. Another group of surfers attempt the impossible as they surf dangerous waves without the use of a jet-ski off the north shore of Maui in Jaws 'Changing the Game'.

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