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COSEE scientist
Are you an ocean scientist who would like assistance engaging in educational outreach and achieving broader impacts? The COSEE Network will help you connect with educators in order to build meaningful educational collaborations. Through events and programs, we help scientists create and sustain collaborations with educators that efficiently and effectively translate research into high-quality resources such as the COSEE "Education and Public Outreach: A Guide for Scientists".

The COSEE Network works to provide guidance for scientists who may ask:

  • How should I prepare for a presentation at a school?
  • What are education standards that teachers have to meet?
  • How can I develop an effective broader impact statement for my project?
  • How can I engage underrepresented groups in my science?
  • Does writing science for the public have to involve "dumbing it down”?
  • What are funders looking for when they ask for outreach?

Following are examples of some of the ways that the COSEE Network engages ocean scientists, including graduate and undergraduate students.

  • Making connections between scientists and:
  • Developing communications skills for scientists:

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