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Loyola University New Orleans, Department of Biological Sciences

6363 St. Charles Avenue,
New Orleans, LA 70118
Fax: (504) 865-2920

Frank Jordan

Loyola University New Orleans, Department of Biological Sciences

CGOM Scientist

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- Gulf of Mexico

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Frank Jordan is interested in theoretical, empirical, and applied approaches to the study of the ecology of freshwater and estuarine systems, with special emphasis on the biology of arthropods, fishes, and amphibians of wetlands in Florida and Louisiana. He is also interested in developing and evaluating new methods for monitoring and modeling population dynamics of aquatic organisms. He is a dedicated teacher, who operates on the following philosophy—faculty should strive to make their courses both interesting and challenging. He believes that faculty should set high expectations, clearly articulate these expectations, and create a friendly and supportive learning environment that encourages students to go beyond these expectations. Faculty should engage students in discussions about major concepts, get them into the lab and field early and often to test hypotheses about these concepts, and encourage them to develop written and oral skills necessary to effectively communicate their findings to others. Dr. Jordan believes that the best way to learn about science is by doing science. Dr. Jordan regularly incorporates service learning into his courses and recently received a research-outreach grant from the Louisiana Board of Regents for a "Summer Collaborative Outreach and Research Experience (SCORE)."

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