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Julia Lytle

University of Southern Mississippi-Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (Retired)

COSEE Scientist

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- Gulf of Mexico

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Dr. Lytle is a retired Professor and Environmental Chemist, who use to be with the Department of Coastal Sciences, USM. Her research interests include: fate and effects of petroleum hydrocarbons in the marine environment; biochemical plant responses to environmental pesticides; polyunsaturated fatty acids in fats, metabolism and health effects; transport and fate of pollutants through estuarine ecosystems; phytoremediation of toxic wastes; bioavailability of toxic wastes; assessment of sediment toxicity to estuarine plants; and uptake and metabolism of xenobiotics by plants. Dr. Lytle received a B.S. degree in Chemistry and Home Economics from Asbury Methodist College in 1960; a M.S. degree in Chemistry from The University of Texas, Austin in 1968; and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from The University of Texas, Austin, TX in 1970.

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