Samuel  Roman -
Contact Info:

Cleveland Municipal Schools
14601 Rainbow Ave
Cleveland, OH 44111
Phone: (216) 251-6151

Samuel Roman

Cleveland Municipal Schools

I am an educator in the Cleveland Metropolitan Schools District

Primary COSEE Affiliation:

Other affiliations:
- Great Lakes

Interaction with COSEE Network:

I have participated in workshops sponsored by COSEE Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic COSEE. I have also presented at NMEA 2006 in New York on behalf of MA-COSEE on using real-time data in the classroom.

Background with Respect to Ocean Sciences Education:

I was raised in Puerto Rico, so I've been surrounded by water all my lfe. Being close to the Great Lakes led me to choose Cleveland as my home in the US. I have involved my students in variuos water quality projects in Ohio, and the east coast. I am also an active staff developer in the areas of technology integration, science and math in the elementary and middle grades.

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