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Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, University of Oregon
PO Box 5389
Charleston, Oregon 97420
Phone: 5418882581ext277
Fax: (541) 888-3250

Alan Shanks

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, University of Oregon

Participating Scientist

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Other affiliations:
- Pacific Partnerships

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PhD in Marine Biology from Scripps; Approximately 25 years of teaching marine science

Selected Publications:

1.) Shanks, A.L. and Roegner, G.C., (2007) Recruitment-limitation in Dungeness crab populations is driven by temporal variation in atmospheric forcing. Ecology 88:1726-1737.
2.) Roegner, G.C., Armstrong, D.A., and Shanks, A.L. (2007). Wind and tidal influences on larval crab recruitment to an Oregon estuary. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 351:177-188.
3.) Shanks, A.L. (2006). Mechanisms of cross-shelf transport of crab megalopae inferred from a time series of daily abundance. Marine Biology 148:1383-1398.
4.) Shanks, A.L. and L. Brink (2005, Feature Article). Upwelling, downwelling, and cross-shelf transport of bivalve larvae: test of a hypothesis. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 302:1-12.
5.) Miller, J. A., M. A. Banks, D. Gomez-Uchida, and A. L. Shanks. (2005). A comparison of population structure in black rockfish (Sebastes melanops) as determined with otolith microchemistry and microsatellite DNA. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 62:2189-2198.

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