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Jill Zande

MATE Center

Primary COSEE Affiliation:

Other affiliations:
- California

Interaction with COSEE Network:

I’ve been with the MATE Center since 1998. My role is to facilitate partnerships among educators, students, employers, and working professionals.  I maintain relationships with businesses, research institutions, government agencies, and professional societies, middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities that participate in MATE ROV competitions each year.  I also coordinate the development of MATE’s submersible technology curricula, including its upcoming Introduction to Underwater Vehicle Design textbook. In addition, I’m currently the Vice President of Education and Research for the Marine Technology Society (MTS).

Background with Respect to Ocean Sciences Education:

I’ve worked with members of the OOS community to incorporate OOS-related themes and technologies into the MATE international ROV competition program. I’ve also facilitated collaborations between MATE’s regional contests and the regional OOS associations.

Selected Publications:

You can find information about the MATE ROV competition program at; information about Introduction to Underwater Vehicle Design is located at You can learn more about MTS by visiting

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