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6155 Ashton Park Court SW
Mableton, GA 30126
Phone: 678 838 6740

Brian McCann

Co-PI, Website Administrator

Primary COSEE Affiliation: Gulf of Mexico

Other affiliations:
- Web Working Group
- Scientist Engagement Working Group
- Excellence in Networking Tools Sub-Group

Interaction with COSEE Network:


Background with Respect to Ocean Sciences Education:

Dr. McCann has over 12 years' experience in technology-related educational endeavors at the university level. He has taught courses in Physical Science and Physics at Mississippi State University where he earned a BS and MS degree in Meteorology and a Ph.D. in Education. He has been a member of the Multimedia Development Group (MDG) of the Center for Educational and Training Technology (CETT) at Mississippi State University since 2001, and in that capacity has developed numerous online and web-based curricula targeted for middle school science teachers. As co-PI of the Advancing Teacher's of Middle School Science (ATOMS2) program, he has developed and taught 5th-9th grade teachers throughout Mississippi through the use of professional development classes and materials that emphasize the Geosciences, Physics, Biological Sciences and Environmental Sciences.

With the formally funded COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico program, he assisted with the development of the center's website and curricula for the summer online institute. He currently serves the COSEE network as co-PI on the “Enhanced Engagement of Scientists by the COSEE Network for Broader Societal Impacts” grant which funds the Scientist Engagement Working Group (SEWG). He also is a member of the Web Working Group (WWG) and the Excellence in Network Tools Subgroup (ENTs).

An avid storm chaser and amateur radio enthusiast in his spare time, Dr. McCann once also served the South Texas coastal region as a television meteorologist, and uses his varied experience in and out of the classroom to engage learners in the atmospheric and ocean sciences.

Selected Publications:

McCann, B.M. & Heiselt, N.E. (2007). Making a difference despite the difference: Evaluation of a statewide professional development program for middle school science teachers. Journal of Continuing Higher Education, 55(2), 2-9.

McCann, B.M. (2006). The relationship between learning styles, learning environments, and student success. Journal of Agricultural Education, 47(3), 14-23.

Brown, M.E. & McCann, B.M. (2004). Relating clustered convective events to land-surface features in Mississippi. Journal of Operational Meteorology, 2004-EJ2,

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