Arthur  Eisenkraft - Professor
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UMass Boston

Boston, MA
Phone: 617-287-7652

Arthur Eisenkraft
UMass Boston


Primary COSEE Affiliation: OCEAN

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Dr. Eisenkraft’s research interests include development and evaluation of curriculum, assessing technological literacy, new models of distance learning, transfer of learning, problem based learning models, pedagogical content knowledge, integrating science and sports, and how to bring quality science instruction to all students including those from traditionally under-represented minorities. He is Director of the Center of Science and Mathematics in Context (COSMIC). (

Selected Publications:

Active Chemistry. It’s About Time Publishing. 2007
Quantoons (with T. Bunk and L.D. Kirkpatrick). 2006
Active Physics Core Select. It’s About Time Publishing; 2005
Light Up My Life. It’s About Time Publishing; 2003.
Active Chemistry. It’s About Time Publishing; 2002.
Active Physics (6 volumes). It’s About Time Publishing; 1999
XXIV International Physics Olympiad Proceedings; AAPT; 1994
Modern Physics Teachers Guide; Holt, Rinehart & Winston; 1989
Living History of Physics. American Institute of Physics. 1984 (Author, with Warnow and Weart, of programs and Teacher's Guides.)
Physical Optics Using a Helium Neon Laser; Metrologic Instruments; 1980, 1988, 1996.

Selected Publications
Hearing before the Subcommittee on Research and Science Education: Committee on Science and Techno logy of the House of Representatives. One hundred tenth Congress. First Session. March 8, 2007. 17-22.
Artist as Chemist. The Science Teacher. November, 2006
Expanding the 5E model. The Science Teacher. September, 2003.
Rating Science And Math.(with Cindy Workoski) Commentary in Education Week. February 14, 2001.
Development of New Curriculum (with B. Ellen Friedman). In National Standards & the Science Curriculum. BSCS; 1996.
Equity and Excellence. In Redesigning the Science Curriculum. BSCS; 1995.
The 1993 International Physics Olympiad. (with B. G. Levi); Physics Today; September, 1993.
International Physics Olympiad (with L.D. Kirkpatrick); American Journal of Physics. 1992. 114-117.

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