Robin  Goettel -
Contact Info:

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Program
University of Illinois, 1101 W. Peabody Dr.
368 NSRC, MC-635
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: (217) 333-9448
Fax: (217) 333-8046

Robin Goettel

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Program

PI, Lake Michigan Leader

Primary COSEE Affiliation:

Other affiliations:
- Great Lakes

Interaction with COSEE Network:

Conducted COSEE Great Lakes Lake Michigan Exploration Workshop (weeklong);Conducted several Teachable Moment workshops related to Lake Michigan issues; Developed learning resources for the COSEE Great Lakes COE Online Workshop, "What's so great about the Great Lakes!"; Participated in COSEE Great Lakes Advisory Committee Meetings; Created a COSEE Great Lakes curriculum collection titled, "Greatest of the Great Lakes"

Background with Respect to Ocean Sciences Education:

Ed.M. from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; B.A. in Geography (Natural Resource Mgmt) from Universisty of Illinois at Urbana Champaign; Co-teach a Service-Learning course at University of Illinois related to Great Lakes/Ocean science education; Was a communications professional for 21 years, which has been useful in marketing and promoting our COSEE classroom resources and events

Selected Publications:

Goettel, Robin G., Ed. 2007. COSEE Greatest of the Great Lakes—A Medley of Model Lessons, COSEE Great Lakes, 41 classroom activities. 416 pp.

Goettel, Robin G., Coordinator of Web site content development. 2005-present. “Nab the Aquatic Invader! Be a Sea Grant Super Sleuth,”, IL-IN Sea Grant.

Goettel, Robin G., Contributing Writer. 2005. Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Strategic and Implementation Plan 2006-2010, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Program. 26 pp.

Goettel, Robin G. and Irene Miles, Eds. 2005. What You Need to Know Before You Eat that Fish: PCBs and Your Family, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, 4 pp.

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