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Mark Jarrett—Teachers-To-Sea Coordinator is the Deputy Director for Survey Operations at NAVOCEANO. He manages survey operations and manning for NAVOCEANO's fleet of seven survey ships. Mr. Jarrett's duties include serving as the senior scientist aboard NAVOCEANO survey vessels and is the primary point of contact for K-12 educational programs "at-sea." Previously, from 1993-2004, Mr. Jarrett was one of the senior oceanographers responsible for planning and manning NAVOCEANO survey platforms worldwide and served as the senior scientist on numerous survey missions. From 1986-1992 Mr. Jarrett served in the NAVOCEANO underwater acoustics divisions of the oceanography department as a surveyor and supervisor oceanographer. Prior to his federal government service he was an exploration geologist with Amoco Production Company of New Orleans. Mr. Jarrett has an undergraduate and Master's degree in Geology from the Univ. of Florida, and post-graduate work at the Univ. of Southern Mississippi.

Selected Publications:

1.) *Jacobson, K.C*., D. Teel, D.M. VanDoornik and E. Casillas. 2008. Parasite associated mortality of juvenile Pacific salmon caused by the trematode /Nanophyetus salmincola/ during early marine residence. Marine Ecology Progress Series 354:235-244.
2.) Baldwin, R., T.W. Miller, R.D. Brodeur,* K.C. Jacobson*. 2008. Expanding the foraging history of juvenile salmon: Combining stomach content and macroparasite community analyses for studying marine diets. Journal of Fish Biology 72:1268-1294.
3.) Trudel, M., S.R.M. Jones, M.E. Thiess, J.F.T. Morris, D.W. Welch, R.M. Sweeting, J.H. Moss, B.L. Wing, E.V. Farley, Jr., J.M. Murphy, R.E. Baldwin, and *K.C. Jacobson.*^ 2007. Infestations of motile salmon lice (/Lepeophtheirus salmonis/) on Pacific salmon along the west coast of North America. American Fisheries Society Symposium 57:157-182.
4.) Arkoosh, M.R., E. Clemons, A.N. Kagley, C. Stafford, A.C. Glass, *K.C. Jacobson,* P. Reno, M.S. Myers, E. Casillas, F. Loge, L.L. Johnson, and T. K. Collier. 2004. Survey of pathogens in juvenile salmon /Oncorhynchus/ spp. migrating through Pacific Northwest Estuaries. Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 16:186-196.
5.) Olson, R.E., J.R. Pierce, *K.C. Jacobson*, and E.M. Burreson. 2004. Temporal changes in the prevalence of parasites in two Oregon estuary-dwelling fishes. Journal of Parasitology 90(3), 564-571.

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