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COSEE educator and students
A majority of Americans do not fully understand the role that the ocean plays in their daily lives. Addressing this condition is one of the great challenges facing our educators. The nation depends on the work of formal and informal educators to strengthen the understanding and appreciation of the ocean and its importance for audiences of all ages.

In order to assist educators in meeting this challenge, the COSEE Network engages educators and ocean scientists in mutually beneficial events and programs, thereby facilitating the integration of research into high quality educational resources.

The intersection of formal and informal education is where a significant impact on improving ocean literacy can be made by translating research results into useable forms for K-12 teachers and their students, and by engaging a broader public audience via programs and exhibits at aquaria, museums and science centers.

All 12 of the COSEE Centers are dedicated to fostering collaborative partnerships between scientists and informal and formal educators in order to advance ocean literacy and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. While each Center takes a unique approach to this mission, based on their core constituencies all Centers help integrate real ocean research, current discoveries, and essential principles of ocean literacy into educational settings.

Here are just a few examples of what COSEE offers:

  • Comprehensive joint educator/researcher institutes for curriculum development

For a complete picture of what each Center has to offer, click on “Center Links” in the orange navigation bar.