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2010 Update

Engaging Scientists Online Case Studies

The COSEE CGOM Engaging Scientists grant has produced Scientists Making an Impact in Ocean Sciences Education, an online series of case studies. The first case study, presented at the COSEE Network Meeting on May 5, features Dr. Bob Chen from COSEE New England. Several other case studies are scheduled to be produced during the remainder of 2010. The second case study with Dr. Carrie Thomas, representing COSEE SouthEast, is nearing completion. The third case study will feature Dr. Rick Keil from COSEE-Ocean Learning Communities, who was interviewed during the COSEE Network meeting in Seattle. The fourth case study will highlight Dr. Scott Glen, representing COSEE NOW. Dr. Michael Kemp, representing COSEE Coastal Trends, will be featured this fall. The last case study for 2010 has tentatively been established and will feature Dr. Crystal Johnson, representing COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico.

The entire Scientist Engagement Working Group (SEW-G) agrees that these case studies will complement and strengthen the NCN-Decadal Review. The Production Team - Drs. Jessica Kastler and Brian McCann, Ms. Catherine Cramer, and Ms. Lisa Taylor – along with the case study scientists and the SEW-G Center representatives, are congratulated on this successful coordinated collaboration! Visit Scientists Making an Impact.

COSEE in Japan
Dr. Mike Spranger and Ms. Karen Blyler pose with graduate students and faculty at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Dr. Mike Spranger and Ms. Karen Blyler pose with graduate students and faculty at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Mike Spranger, Florida COSEE CGOM PI, and Karen Blyler, Florida COSEE CGOM Educator, were invited to Japan in December 2009 to discuss the concept of both COSEE and the Sea Grant Program (community-based education). They were hosted by Professor Tsuyoshi Sasaki, Professor at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT).

Mike and Karen presented several formal lectures for faculty, students, and community members at the Fukui Prefectural University, Obama City (north of Kyoto) in Western Japan, TUMSAT in Tokyo, and Hei River Community College in Miyako in Northeast Japan. Mike and Karen also had the opportunity to meet with a wide range of individuals that included governmental officials, marine educators, high school teachers, graduate students, community activists, fishers, youth and others who were interested in ocean literacy. They found these people to be dedicated, enthusiastic, and very interested in the concept of ocean literacy.

Dr. Spranger and Ms. Blyler visited the Tsukiji market, the largest wholesale and seafood market in the world; explored 1,000 year-old temples in Kyoto and Tokyo; rode the Shinkansen (bullet) train several times; and experienced -5 degrees C temperatures and snow in the Miyako area (Japanese Alps) while observing a daylong nature school for youth studying the life cycle of the salmon. They viewed a spectacular sunrise at Kitayamazaki Point, easternmost point of Honshu Island with its 200-meter cliffs stretching for 8 km of coastline. They also experienced sleeping in traditional Japanese Inns (Ryokans) and eating a vast variety of seafood in many forms (raw, steamed, fried, broiled, grilled, and dried), that included such Japanese delicacies as Fugu (pufferfish), Ika (cuttlefish), shirako (cod sperm), and Uni (sea urchin roe). Mike and Karen toured by boat commercial, long-line aquaculture facilities. They also visited the famous Asakusa Temple, old town markets, and strolled down the famous Ginza entertainment and shopping area during the Christmas holiday season.

Further, Dr. Spranger and Ms. Blyler are delighted to report that Dr. Sasaki has just announced that TUMSAT created a new center (division) on April 1 that is named (in English) the Ocean Literacy Partnership. Dr. Sasaki states the goal of the center is to help the Japanese people understand aquatic and marine environmental literacy in order to establish a sustainable society. Dr. Sasaki hopes to connect national and local governments, schools, universities, and informal education facilities in this effort. Dr. Sasaki will be presenting the concept and plans for the center at the National Marine Educators Association annual meeting in Gatlinburg, Tennessee this summer.

Group photo


Contributed by Dr. Sharon Walker. Photo of canoers on COSEE.net home page by Joan Turner, Dauphin Island Sea Lab; photo of dolphin courtesy of Ms. Gillian Rabalais, informal educator.