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Clyde  Sakamoto -
Clyde Sakamoto
UH Maui Community College
Island Earth
Joe  Salisbury - Research Assistant Professor
Joe Salisbury
University of New Hampshire
Ocean Systems
Leslie  Sautter -
Leslie Sautter
College of Charleston
South East
Giovanna  Scalone -
Giovanna Scalone
University of Washington College of Education
Ocean Learning Communities
Donald  Scavia -
Donald Scavia
University of Michigan
Great Lakes
Annette  Schloss - Research Scientist
Annette Schloss
University of New Hampshire
Ocean Systems
Sarah  Schoedinger -
Sarah Schoedinger
NOAA, Office of Education
Oscar  Schofield - Professor
Oscar Schofield
Rutgers University
Networked Ocean World
Art  Schwarzschild -
Art Schwarzschild
University of Virginia Department of Environmental Science Anheuser-Busch Coastal Research Center
Coastal Trends
Lloyd  Scott -
Lloyd Scott
Environmental Studies Center Mobile County Public Schools
Gulf of Mexico
Gail  Scowcroft - Executive Director of the National COSEE Network
Gail Scowcroft
University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography | National COSEE Office
Michael  Senise -
Michael Senise
San Diego Unified School District
California | Excellence in Networking Tools Sub-Group
Kanesa  Seraphin -
Kanesa Seraphin
University of Hawaii, Curriculum Research & Development Group and Sea Grant College Proram
Island Earth
Fred  Shair - Retired Professor
Fred Shair
Ocean Systems
Alan  Shanks -
Alan Shanks
Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, University of Oregon
Pacific Partnerships
Ari Daniel Shapiro -
Ari Daniel Shapiro
Networked Ocean World | Scientist Engagement Working Group
Andrew  Shepard -
Andrew Shepard
NOAA Undersea Research Center at UNCW
South East
Stephanie  Showalter -
Stephanie Showalter
University of Mississippi
Gulf of Mexico
Kathy  Sider -
Kathy Sider
Seattle Aquarium
Ocean Learning Communities
Marilyn J Sigman -
Marilyn J Sigman
Alaska SeaGrant/MAP
Nancy  Sills - Middle School Educator
Nancy Sills
Harris County Carver Middle School
Ocean Systems
Eric  Simms -
Eric Simms
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Lesley  Smith - Outreach Scientist
Lesley Smith
University of Colorado - CIRES Science Education and Outreach
Stephanie  Smith -
Stephanie Smith
Alliance for the Great Lakes
Great Lakes
Anita  Sohus - Informal Education Lead
Anita Sohus
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Ocean Systems
Lundie  Spence -
Lundie Spence
South East
Billy  Spitzer - Coordinator of Network Strategic Planning
Billy Spitzer
New England Aquarium
Central Coordinating Office
Adrienne  Sponberg - Director of Public Affairs and co-editor, Limnology & Oceanography Bulletin
Adrienne Sponberg
American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
Michael  Spranger - Associate Director
Dr. Michael Spranger
Florida Sea Grant Program Extension and Education
Mike  Spranger - Associate Director for Extension and Education
Mike Spranger
Florida Sea Grant College Program
Gulf of Mexico
Amy  Sprenger -
Amy Sprenger
Ocean Inquiry Project
Ocean Learning Communities
Fritz  Stahr -
Fritz Stahr
Ocean Inquiry Project
Ocean Learning Communities
Dieterick Steinmetz
Portland Community College
Pacific Partnerships
Steve  Stewart -
Steve Stewart
Michigan Sea Grant Extension
Great Lakes
Craig  Strang - Associate Director, Lawrence Hall of Science
Craig Strang
Lawrence Hall of Science
New England
Deidre  Sullivan - Director
Deidre Sullivan
MATE Center Monterey Peninsula College
Networked Ocean World